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Stefanie Simmons, MD

Director of Patient Experience


  • Undergrad:  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Medical School:  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Residency:  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Board Certification:

  • Emergency Medicine Board Certified


  • Fellow, American College of Emergency Physicians
  • Member, American College of Emergency Physicians
  • Member, Society of Academic Emergency Medicine

Additional Information:

  • Chair of the Employee Engagement Committee at EPMG
  • Co-chair of the Patient Experience Committee at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
  • Co-chair of Communication CPT at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
  • Teaches University of Michigan Emergency Medicine Residents at St. Joseph Mercy Hosipital
  • Golden Apple Award Nominee, Univeristy of Michigan/SJMH Residency; 2011, 2012, and 2013
  • Received the Rahul Khare Award for Academic Emergency Medicine, 2007

What was the most rewarding experience in your career thus far?
Any time I get a thank you note from a patient, it makes my day (sometimes my week), but there is one that sticks out. I took care of an elderly woman who had been assaulted and left for dead. I took care of her in the ER and was able to stabilize her. After she was discharged home, she wrote thank you notes to everyone involved in her care, touching many of us with her ability to focus on the good aspects of her experience, and not the horror that it happened in the first place. I think of her often.

Please provide an example of how you have related/identified with one of EPMG’s Values.
Compassion is a value that each health care provider must bring to every patient encounter to best care for the complex person in front of them. I also work to make sure that our clinicians have compassion for their imperfect selves, as we all learn together how better to do our jobs.

What excites/interests you most about the field of emergency medicine or future of healthcare?
Emergency medicine exists at a crossroads in patient’s lives and medical care. The crossroads is where people meet, change direction, where things happen and where journeys can take unexpected twists. Witnessing those stories, those journeys, and being in a position to help will always be the best part of emergency medicine.

What is a recent book that you have read and would recommend that is relevant to your work/field?
I’ve been reading Life on Purpose by Victor Strecher, on the importance of examining your values, then living them every day. Dr. Strecher is a professor of public health at University of Michigan and started the Center for Healthcare Communication Research. He lost his 19-year-old daughter to an acquired heart disease, which prompted the enquiry leading to this book. I highly recommend it!

Which hobby and/or interest do you spend the most time doing?
Crossfit. I’m obsessed. I really enjoy the progression of heavier weights, harder modifications, new exercises. There is always something new to interest and challenge me and the people are fantastic. I’m going to stop now, but if you ever want to talk crossfit with me, prepare for a long conversation.

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