Our Telemedicine Services

EPMG provides expertise in creating Tele-Connected Emergency Departments (ED) for hospitals. We leverage our emergency medicine expertise with information technology and telehealth advancements to efficiently provide a variety of remote clinical healthcare solutions to clients and communities. Our Tele-Connected ED initiative complements our overall mission to provide efficient, high-quality, compassionate care as we aspire to continue improving healthcare access, quality, and affordability. Contact us or read our whitepapers to learn more about Tele-Connected ED solutions.

Population Health

Let EPMG show you how well-designed telemedicine programs help hospital systems reach more healthcare consumers and improve the community’s overall health. EPMG telemedicine programs enhance hospital population health programs to reduce readmissions and improve remote access to emergency care for patients in a variety of settings. Our ability to help hospitals and health systems provide value-based solutions in addition to traditional fee-for-service options can facilitate the transition into the new health economy.

  • Community paramedic programs
  • Home health care support
  • Direct-to-consumer connected urgent care services
ED Efficiency

Innovations in efficiency and workflows is a competitive advantage for EPMG Tele-Connected ED sites and Hospitals. EPMG can identify workflows to unify large hospital systems with multiple ED sites or bring needed emergency medicine expertise to critical access hospitals sites. Learn from EPMG how telemedicine can benefit your site through telemedicine services, such as:

  • Advanced practice provider remote support
  • Pre-hospital skilled nursing facility consults
  • Telemedicine extenders

Both large and small hospitals face challenges with specialty availability. Regardless if a specialist is available across the state or within the hospital campus, let EPMG help your hospital or health system create a healthy environment for both patients and providers through tele-consult solutions.

  • Tele-Psych
  • Tele-Pediatrics
  • Tele-ICU
  • Tele-Hospitalist

EBL CAREnQ patients can now register here for telemedicine benefits.


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